Questions and Answers

Q. I want to buy a puppy, but, don’t know where to start. How do I know I have a reputable breeder?

A. Well congratulations you have selected a great breed of dog, they are loyal, loving and will be your best friend. It is important that you get your puppy from someone who is registered with the local Canine Council/Kennel Club. You should maybe go along to a show and meet some breeders talk to them listen to what they say ask questions. I am not saying you have to buy from a show breeder, however, most of them have more knowledge on the breed then those who do not.

Be open to new information, be prepared to change your opinion on the breed, if you meet some one who has a wealth of experience, and knowledge.  Be open to shifting your preference on the type of Stafford you are after.


Q. Why do so many breeders hate blue staffords if they are recognized by the breed?.

A. It is not that they hate blues, a good dog is a good colour, and to a true stafford lover, all staffords are specia,l regardless of colour and type. However, for the preservation of the breed, reputable breeders will breed to a breed blue print, called a standard. The standard is a guide to assist breeder to maintain the integrity of the breed. to ensure it is uniquely a stafford. Unfortunately, people are often greedy and do not care about the breeds integrity and will breed to fashion and fads. These breeders will justify their right to make money and will dismiss the standard and it importance. They will go so far as to encourage others to breed  to fads and fashions to create a support network for themselves.

At the end of the day a good breeder does not breed to colour they breed to type, and type is not bull type or terrier type, it is breed type and balanced, a rule of thumb is  55% bull 45% terrier to 60% bull 40% terrier.  The variance in type should not be be great between each dog.

The reputable breeder will ensure that inferior dogs are not bred with and will make sure they are adopted by loving families,  the dog may be a beautiful example of the breeds temperament, but, may not be god enough to breed. In many cases blue breeders will keep the blue bitch in a litter, regardless of her quality and breed with her. They will encourage people who have staffords that are blue to breed regardless of suitability.

Many blue breeders do not understand the structure of the stafford and therefore do not know what faults their dogs have, and when an experienced breeder points them out to the blue breeder, they often will retort with arguments and attacks.  Sadly, reputable breeders often get called blue basher’s,   a perception that is unwarranted.

Blue breeders who breed for money will charge ridiculous prices for dogs of inferior quality. a question you should ask yourself why would a dog who has no real quality pedigree behind it be worth more then top winning quality pedigree staffords. Sometimes they are 3-4 times the price more then the quality bred dog.

If you want a blue stafford and you have your heart set on a blue talk to reputable breeders ask them if they ever have a blueor know anyone who has quality blues. do not be surprised if they say they do not breed blues but occasionly a non blue breeder will have a blue puppy, there are a handful of breeders who breed quality blues across the world.

Keep your self in the know a reputable breeder would never breed blue to blue to blue.  a quality blue does not have blue eyes and nails and nose. a quality blue has dark eyes and nails. the nose should be so dark it looks black to the naked eye.  The blue stafford is a steal blue, it is not chocolate, it can be blue fawn or blue brindle.  you should be able to take your blue stafford to a show and if you painted it black it would look like all the other dogs there.

Quality starts with the standard.


Q. Show people line breed dogs which in incest, I want a healthy puppy so this would not suit me.

A. Line breeding is not inbreeding, line breeding is people doing what nature does, natural selection, in nature Only the best and strongest are bred and line breeding when done correctly is exactly that. Line breeding is where dogs share a common ancestry, but line breeding alone is not enough to ensure quality dogs.  The discerning breeder assesses the dog and bitch for compatibility, type and virtue. They also ensure they do not double up on faults.



Q. Why does it matter if my dog has papers or not?

A. Of course it does, for many reasons, firstly protection against dangerous dog laws and rules.  Without papers if your dog is a good specimen of the breed then it is lost to the breed. Having a registered papered dog gives you the history of your dog much like your own birth certificate.



Q. One breeder said I have to desex my dog even though I paid for it surely this can not be enforced?


Q. What is breed type?


Q. The breeder down the road breeds the bull type of stafford why do show people pick on her?